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Here's how to contact me.

You can look for me on social media or contact me privately. Your options, including an oh-so-handy contact form are below.  

 Contact me via social media.

At LinkedIn my handle is LindaAragoni. No surprise, right?

On Twitter, for education and writing-related topics, I'm @LindaAragoni. For 20th century bestselling novel reviews and related cultural topics, I'm @VintageNovels.

Phone is a less reliable contact method.

In theory, I’m reachable by phone, but as the advertisers say, "Results my vary." Over the years, I've assiduously cultivated the ability to ignore ringing telephones when I'm writing.

Voice mail messages go to my email where I’ll get them no faster than I’ll get the message you leave on a contact form. Still, if you want to try it, my contact number is in the page footer.

USPS mail delivery works, too.

My mail consists mostly of books, bills, and catalogs of things I don't want. A genuine letter would be a welcome relief. And if it comes from you, it would be special.

Direct your missive to me at 12 N Main St., Bainbridge NY 13733.


Your website is incredibly helpful. Thank you for the great and thoughtful material. What a resource! ~ Christine

Comment from a site visitor about Linda Aragoni's way of teaching writing.

You sound like the teacher I wish I'd had in grammar school! Keep up the good work.     ~ Sandra