You Can Teach Writing

Work with me.

I nearly always have one or more projects for which I could use freelance help. The work I most often need done is digital cut-and-paste, which doesn't require even a high school diploma. 

Some of the projects could be regular part-time work a couple hours a week; less frequently I may need someone full-time for a few days.

Note, please, these are all 1099 gigs. You work where and when you choose, providing you meet mutually agreed upon deadlines.

If you are interested in one of the tasks described here, get in touch with me via this site's contact form. Tell me as briefly as possible what you have done that shows you are a good fit for my task. 

Five tasks I regularly need done

1. Copy and paste

A single bit of information may need to be pasted into three or four different pages or programs in order to complete one small task. 

2. Testing writing prompts

icon person taking test

Any expository writing prompts I sell to teachers, I test with people who don't teach the subject of the prompts. I need teens and adults to actually answer the prompt under test conditions. Besides earning their pay, test takers who respond to 20 formal writing prompts could get roughly the equivalent of a one-year college composition course free.

3. Copyreading

Completed documents must be read for errors such as transposed letters, two copies of the same paragraph, text that is supposed to be italicized but isn't, wording that's awkward/confusing; etc. 

4. Headline writing

I'm awful at writing headlines. If you can write ones that are both catchy and search engine optimized, I'll let you do all my headlines.

5. Graphic creation

I sometimes need simple images and graphics to illustrate and/or support verbal content of blogs, social media, and print publications. Microsoft Paint is adequate for most of the graphics I need made.

Knowledge of the applicable copyright law and the standard sizes for visuals within various social media would be a plus. 

standard art element to accompany yctwriting visitor comment

You need to write a book! I teach developmental writing at a community college, and I would love to have all of your ideas in a handy book format! ~ Donna