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Linda Aragoni's Experience

Teaching writing online

ENG101, Fundamentals of Writing, Southern New Hampshire University.

COMM101, Written Communication, University of Phoenix, 16 iterations.

COMM 105, Introduction to Effective Written Communication, University of Phoenix, 3 iterations.

COMM470, Communication in the Virtual Workplace, University of Phoenix, 3 iterations.

COM 110, Effective Persuasive Writing, Axia College, 2 iterations.

Teaching writing in traditional classrooms

SKILS 088, Writing Essentials. Morrisville State College, Norwich NY.

ENG 101 & 102, Composition &  Literature, taught at:
  • Shenandoah College, Winchester, VA., 2 iterations of each course.
  • Huntington College, Huntington, IN, 2 iterations of each course.
  • Fort Wayne Bible College, Ft. Wayne, IN, 5 iterations of each course.
  • Western  Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY. 4 iterations of each course.

Instructional product development

Developed & delivered real-time teacher training program for audiographic instructors in US & Canada. Supported online delivery with print materials.

Designed & coordinated 60-hour, dropout prevention course delivered live via audiographic technology to 17 eighth graders at four sites. Within five years, 16 graduated high school.

Developed pharmaceutical sales training materials for a medical education firm. Packages included objectives, pre-tests,  post-tests, programmed instructional drills.

Experience as a writer/editor

Book author

The Writing Teacher's ABCs © 2015

Bullying Begins as Words: English and Communications Writing Prompts for Teens and Adults  © 2013.

Shape Learning, Reshape Teaching: An English Teacher's Guide to Using Informal Writing with Teens and Adults © 2012.

Grammar Abusers Anonymous: 12 Steps to Kick the Bad Grammar Habit Through Study Skills, Not Worksheet Drills  © 2010.

Talk It Out  © 2009. (Questions to enable pairs of students to guide each other through planning nonfiction writing organized on the thesis and support pattern.)

Book ghostwriter

Textbook on anatomy and physiology for nurses published by Harcourt-Brace-Jovanovitch

Manuals on steam turbine installation & report writing for General Electric's Training & Education Division.

Magazine writer

By-lined articles in Alliance Life, Camperways, Computer Retailing, The Library Imagination Paper, Mountain Life & WorkTechnology Applications Quarterly.

Weekly humor column in Saturday A.M. magazine, a publication of the Martinsburg (WV) Journal.

Newspaper reporter

City beat reporter, The Winchester (VA) Star. Also wrote human interest features, theater reviews, in-depth articles based on government reports.

County beat reporter, The (Martinsburg  WV) Journal.  Also designed, co-directed political polling for 1980 elections.


Copyedited manuscript of nonfiction book on hiking central New York for its author.

Copyedited books on marketing & PERT charting for Training & Education Division of General Electric.

Editor, Journal of Interactive Instruction Development, Warrenton VA

Regional editor, The Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY. Edited local news for two daily regional editions under stringent deadlines. Coordinated work of reporters & stringers in four bureaus, in-house copy editors & paste-up staff.

City editor, The Northern Virginia Daily, Strasburg VA . Made story & photo assignments.Supervised 12-person local news staff & freelancers via phone & computer. Edited copy, designed pages, wrote headlines and cutlines.

Digital publisher


YCTWriting.com, the site you're visiting now.

You-Can-Teach-Writing.com (no longer available)


GreatPenformances, reviews of bestselling novels of the twentieth century

The blog from my old You-Can-Teach-Writing.com and posts I've created since then have been moved to PushWriting.com. The new location has a search feature and the ability to deliver posts by email.

Rural New York Small Business Owner (deleted)

Professional education

For-credit coursework

Graduate certificate, Instructional Design for Online Learning, Capella University (16 quarter hours, non-degree).

Master of Science (Educational Communications). Syracuse University, Syracuse NY.

Bachelor of Arts (psychology major, English minor). Malone College, Canton OH.

Non-credit online professional development

Southern New Hampshire University. Quality Online: Effective Strategies for Teaching in Distance  Education.

University of Phoenix.

  • Online Faculty Candidate Training
  • Online Faculty Tone
  • Introductory Course Sequence
  • Learning Teams
  • Student Evaluation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Difficult Students
  • Plagiarism 
two persons sharing a secret

Odd bits that didn't make it onto my CV

My first grade teacher said I was stupid. (I'd written my name instead of printing it.)

At various times, I have been granted security clearance by the FBI, the IRS and the SEC.

I once isolated lysine, an amino acid, from human hair (mine).

As an undergrad, I was a "reader" for a visually handicapped fellow student and I did an internship in a class of multiply-handicapped elementary age students.

I can't ski, knit, or make edible pie crust.

I once had a British lit professor who said the kinds of novels authors wrote was determined by the shapes of their noses. He included a question about Thackeray's nose on our final exam. (His nose was broken in a childhood fight and that made Thackeray a satirist.)

I have known two boa constrictors, one of whom lived in the ventilation system in my apartment. Both boas were named Charlie.

I once had breakfast next to Muhammed Ali in a restaurant in Richmond VA.

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