You Can Teach Writing

Products to help you teach writing to teens and adults

Anyone who can write competently can teach writing to teens and adults, but some people lack the audacity to try unless they have some tangible product to start them off or back them up.

These materials can help you get started and keep going as a writing teacher.

PenPrompts Collections' formal prompts

PenPrompts Collections are packages of formal writing prompts designed to teach expository nonfiction writing while teaching other course-specific content.

Here's what's collections contain to simplify teaching writing.

Each collection consists of four digital products:

  • An E-book that puts all the student and teacher materials in one place.
  • The PPC Handbook to answer your questions about using the materials.
  • Copies of each individual prompt in the collection in both .pdf and .docx versions, each saying you have permission to use them with your students your entire teaching career.
  • A rubric for easy, helpful assessments.

Each prompt is a self-contained writing lesson for students

The students' material for each prompt is a self-contained writing lesson The giving students everything they need to start their writing project without having to ask you for help, including:

  • Context that tells students why the prompt is relevant.
  • Directions for pre-writing preparation.
  • The actual writing assignment.

All you do is add is the due date and distribute the prompt.

The prompts in each collection are ready-to-go. Just fill in the due date and the writing prompt is ready for students' use.

For each writing prompt, PenPrompts Collections provides a learning standards chart that shows where the prompt aligns with the so-called "Bloom's Revised Taxonomy" and with the Common Core State Standards.

Teacher material may also include resources, teaching tips, and suggested class activities.

Two collections are available now.

icons show verbal abuse
The first PenPrompts collection, 2nd ed.

Bullying isn't just a social problem: It's also a communications problem. These 15 writing prompts look at verbal and nonverbal ways of communicating that occur in many every day situations, not just bullying, with an eye to seeing what communication changes could most readily improve relationships. More

composition book
Writing prompts inside writing lessons

Finding appropriate writing prompts for students over sixth grade has been almost impossible until now. These 20 prompts drill students teenage and adult with limited writing skills in using strategies for nonfiction writing while they write about ELA topics such as grammar concepts and spelling. More

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