You Can Teach Writing

Ready, Set, Write!

If you've been teaching English more than 20 minutes, you know finding writing prompts for students beyond seventh grade is tough.

If your students have limited skill in writing—which, sadly, describes most teenage and adult students—finding appropriate prompts is all but impossible.

Or it has been until now.

Now there's Ready, Set, Write! a PenPrompts Collection of 20 expository writing prompts by author/teacher/webmaster Linda Aragoni, each wrapped in writing lesson for teens and adults who are not yet competent writers.

We call these folks noncoms, which sounds much nicer than beginners, novices, or incompetents.

And borrowing a positive nickname from the military makes the point that the writing prompts reinforce: The language we use influences people's behavior.

Ready, Set, Go cover is a composition book

Ready, Set, Write! drills on basics

Whether you teach eighth graders, high schoolers, or post-secondary composition classes, you've probably had not-yet-competent writers in your classes. You know what those noncoms are like:

  • Noncoms don’t plan their writing.
  • Noncoms don’t have reusable strategies for writing.
  • Noncoms don’t do enough writing practice.

Each of the 20 self-contained Ready, Set, Write! lessons drills noncoms in planning their writing by following reusable strategies and practicing those strategies every single time they write.

Ready, Set, Write! prompts are ready to go.

Just fill in the due date and the writing prompt is ready for students’ use.

You can use the prompts in any order because each prompt includes everything students need to know about writing to get started on the assignment.

You probably think that would be awfully repetitious.

You bet it is: Noncoms need to be drilled on the basics. If you present the basics two or three times, you can let Ready, Set, Write! prompts present those same basics another 20 times.

Ready Set Write's cover looks like a composition book

Ready, Set, Write! focuses on ELA topics 

Writing topics in the Ready, Set, Write! collection include:

  • Word choices
  • Grammar concepts 
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Reading and research skills
  • Spelling

Those are all topics that students need to learn in your classes. Why not let writing prompts help you teach them?

Ready, Set, Write! is more than just prompts

When you buy Ready, Set, Write! you get a bundle of resources to use with your students for your entire teaching career. Here’s what the digital package includes:

  • An e-book that puts all the student and teacher materials in one place
  • The PenPrompts Collections Handbook to answer questions you may have about using the materials
  • All 20 individual prompts in pdf and docx versions saying you have permission to use them with your students your entire teaching career.
  • A rubric for easy, helpful assessments.

Ready to invest in your teaching career?

Buying Ready, Set, Write!  is like buying 20 writing prompts at $2 apiece and getting all the other materials free. 

And you get to use those materials for your entire teaching career.